Mobile Phone Reviews: The vivo v15 pro Features

The new Vivo V15 Pro is a smart phone that packs a lot of power in a small package. With the powerful processor, plenty of memory, and Adreno GPU, it is the perfect device to use for professional photographers. Users will appreciate the large storage space and large number of apps available from the Android Market. But beyond that, here are some useful functions that the Vivo V15 Pro is great for:

Portability – The two cameras on the front of the handset provide great portability for those who want to capture action shots anywhere. The front-mounted fingerprint scanner quickly and easily lets users identify their nearest and best friends. The eight-megapixel main camera has very good low-light abilities and is capable of shooting clear pictures with a high level of clarity. The secondary camera is also capable of taking images in bright or low light, even in low light conditions. If you want a secondary camera for your cellphone, the vivo v15 pro is a great choice.

Rear imaging – The two cameras on the vivo v15 pro rear of this smartphone are great for taking photos in low light situations. The main camera has a 4.2-inch display and can be used with either portrait mode or shooting video. In addition, the front camera has a relatively small 5.5-inch screen. The vivo v15 pro features an advanced dual-process-processing engine, which enables the phone to perform two tasks at once.

Fast charging – The ui widget on the bottom is another way to boost the efficiency of this device. With the superb multi-tasking capabilities of this phone, it is capable of launching apps quickly. It also has a fast charging capability. A charger USB cord is included as well. With its fast charge ability, you can make sure that you always have enough juice when you need to shoot multiple selfies.

Navigation – The free Android navigation app of this handset is really good for finding places and navigating through the interface. The vivo v15 who has an excellent GPS facility along with a global positioning system, so it helps you find directions the first time and even guides you to popular tourist destinations. You can also enjoy fun pop-up selfies by tapping on the good amount of buttons present on the side of this phone.

Storage capacity – The pro version of this smartphone comes with over 50GB of space, which is more than what most handsets of this class have. The built-in flash hider allows you to take unlimited photos. You can choose from black and white or dual tones of which you can change easily using the control dial present on this handset. The good amount of memory will allow you to store lots of photos and videos that you can enjoy on any occasion.